War Against Humanity – Targeted Individuals

I have followed Timothy Trespas for some years now. He and his partner are for me  real examples of Targeted Individuals, who are US government’s “subjects” on whom they can unlimited experiment on. This corporation of criminals are thinking, that they can commit these crimes in the name of so named science, just like the Nazi’s did. They even don’t have the courage to reveal themselves by hiding behind so named “alien” beings. Artificial intelligence is their shield, but they are as  human as you and I am.


o your own research:






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  1. Gepubliceerd op 24 jan 2014
    Timothytrespas: Notice of termination. 10 day quit served.RANT
    we were served a notice to terminate or go to court for holdover.
    panic, fear, anger, frustration, fear, torment.
    makes me feel better.
    Thank you for watching!

    Check out our BLOGS at:
    http://timothytrespas.wordpress.com/ &

    PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING MONEY TO OUR SURVIVAL, RESEARCH and COMMUNICATION by clicking: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr

    And by all means, Let’s Pray for each other

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