Debunking 9/11 conspiracy theorists

I stumbled upon the below video series of Meyles Power
As I am open-minded, I just wanted to know how conspiracy debunkers are thinking.
My First reaction was the prediction of Srila Prabhupada:

After all, where did all those bodies go 😉
Also because I’m very sure, that 9/11 is a premeditated repressive mass control criminal experiment.
And how do “they” control the masses? By the very old technique of black magic/ satanic rituals and repressive openly violence ( Inquisition, Abu Ghraib, controlled revolutions, etc.) And especially by organized religions, which are standing between the sovereign individuals and their creator. These are causing the “sheeple”, which have no natural discrimination between right and wrong, integrity and obedience, etc., and therefore are mentally vulnerable to subliminal advertising, controlled media, etc. No one could expect that this 9/11 satanic ritual could have such a worldwide impact: Supernatural Deception of 9/11
And when I watched the below video’s with the above video’s in my mind, something weird popped up in my mind:
9/11 was part of the blueprint of the WTC !!!  So below some “clues”which might lead to a final solution. I think, that most theories are OK. 9/11 is the sum of all together. Controlled demolition seemed to be too silent at  9/11, But who knows, how it might have sounded inside. The poofness of Judy Wood is realistic too, in my opinion. The firefighters and the Architects & Engineers are also right.  What is frightening, that officially the whole world is still in the grip of an “unknown” tyrant, and prefers to create a hell for whistleblowers, activists and bloggers. And designers of this evil event are as dangerous as DU-gas: deathly, invisible and silent.
– Tower Blueprints –
Surviving Evidence of the World Trade Center Attack
Context of ‘September 2000: Neoconservative Think Tank Writes ‘Blueprint’ for ‘Global Pax Americana’’

Part 1 of 7 – Free fall and how the towers collapsed
Part 2 of 7 – Nano-thermite found in the WTC dust
Part 3 of 7 -Thermate, thermite and glowing aluminium
Part 4 of 7 -How did WTC7 collapse
Part 5 of 7 – The BBC, Larry Silverstein and the Pentagon
Part 6 of 7 – The psychology behind a 9/11 truther


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