Veterans Today 9-29-14… “Gun Control and the Nazis – Setting the Record Straight”

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veterans_today_banner_7First of all, the essence of this post (and my reason for posting it has nothing to do with guns)  is in the short audio clip below.

(or click

Now that you’ve heard it, I feel that so much of our “taught in school” history is simply “wrong”… Incorrect. Not the whole picture. This article (there’s no indication who actually wrote it) is one of the many coming out that are apocalypsing (unveiling the truth to) us all.

As many of us know from reading the Financial Tyranny series by David Wilcock, the concept of “bankster” really grew during the cultivation of the banking system in Europe by the Rothschild family. They learned to manipulate and steer the actions of governments by controlling the money. Wars were fomented by them and their associates, to make money… for them.

Here’s some points that this article makes that goes along…

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