Lada Ray, Futurist Trendcast 2-23-15… “Vladimir Putin: “I Don’t See the Apocalyptic Scenario Materializing.””

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putin_interview_150223_video_snip_auto_adjustedlada_ray_photo_a_21_auto_adjust_150This is a helpful piece by Lada Ray, which indicates that Mr. Putin is carefully leading the planet away from “apocalypse” (namely, world exploding) and towards peaceful solutions.

“He doesn’t see materializing the apocalyptic scenario of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. Volatile statements such as Poroshenko’s promise to get back Crimea at any cost don’t help. Crimean land does and always will belong to Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, as well as Greeks and Germans – together with the core population, there are Greeks and Germans living in Crimea as well. As to what country Crimea belongs with, the vote to secede and join Russia was the choice of the Crimeans, and such choice must be respected. Russia certainly can’t ignore or disrespect it. “Hopefully, our partners abroad will soon come to respect the people’s choice as well.”

“Those who follow the statements by Putin and Lavrov…

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