Jade Helm 15, Armed Militias, UN Troops, Citizen Reporters And Power Outages (2015 Martial Law Information)

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Jade Helm 15, Armed Militias, UN Troops, Citizen Reporters And Power Outages

Jade Helm 15 is an unprecedentedly massive domestic military training exercise intended to expose both American and internationaltroops to realistic combat experiences in our own backyards. And after Jade Helm 15began in full swing on July 15th, 2015numerous events and a massive reservoir of new information have come forward as concerned citizens are taking note and sharing what they find. Among the many sources/channel for new information to trickle out relating to Jade Helm 15 are an increasing number of both individual and collectives of similarly purposed citizen reporters who are cooperating to essentially report on or cover the events of this shadowed social occupation staging event, especially in light of the complete mainstream media blackout. There are truly countless numbers of citizen reporters who are reaching into the abyss that is Jade Helm 15and bringing back new (1) raw media and information, (2) interpretations of events and (3) clarity and truth pertaining to how this homeland security and intelligence operation is actually impacting the lives of those who would otherwise be left in the dark about what is going on. Perhaps even more interesting than the actual citizen reporters (two wonderful examples of which can be accessed via links #1 and #2 in the show notes below) is the new scale and quality of context that is emerging from their work, which I would like to review several aspects of now.

A first product of the work that citizen reporters have produced related to Jade Helm 15 that has truly come into focus over the past seventy two hours is the rise of armed civilian militias which I observe as (1) being fashioned/gathered together in mass around the country (but especially in Texas and Arizona), (2) loyal to various causes/authorities and (3) increasingly rowdy or (more accurately) antagonized as the events of Jade Helm 15 moving forward. An especially important detail of these armed citizen militias or peace keeping forces is (as just previously mentioned) that there are wildly varying allegiances, loyalties and fellowships that will continue to evolve as Jade Helm 15 continues to proceed and (likely) well into the distant future, which is a possible firestorm in the making and something to keep our eyes on. A second result of the work citizen reporters are doing as is related to Jade Helm 15 is the observation of both power and cell phone service outages across the nation simultaneously alongside theJuly 15th, 2015 launch of this martial law training event. As a side mention here is context that comes from a June 19th, 2015 YouTube video titled “Caravan To Midnight – Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded” (which can be accessed directly via link #4 in the show notes) where a guest named D.J. shares that as these events (mass electricity and cell phone service outages/disruptions) occurred that instead of a technical failure as the cause, the weaponized artificial intelligence technology (commonly referred to as Jade Helm 2) is stealing your bandwidth for military purposes. And a third piece of insight to be generated by citizen reporters is (as many already fully understand) the United Nations has (1) deployed a small army of troops onto American soil for Jade Helm 15 activities, (2) moved countless armored and other heavy equipment/vehicles into the southwestern region of the United States and (3) are already violently arresting citizens. What is especially interesting about any United Nations activities within the United States (especially as is related to Jade Helm 15 and other training exercises) is how “out in the open” these movement and activities are, which leaves many wondering why there isn’t more secrecy involved. These three gifts that have been given bycurious civilians with an Internet connection (the awareness of (1) armed militias, (2) electricity and cell phone service disruptions and (3) the presence of United Nations military assets) are ultimately (however important they may be) only stocking stuffers, as the real prizes that will come forward are likely yet to have even been identified.

The work of citizen reporters who are occupied (in many senses) with/by Jade Helm 15 has already shown to be invaluable and is “bridging the vital information and awareness gap” that has been left by the complete failure of the mainstream media to “cover” the Jade Helm 15operation. And as more time and events occur, it is becoming obvious that from this initial foundational work being laid by brave souls who are interested in informing others, that a much larger citizen database or network is forming, one that (in my opinion) is only beginning to take shape. I see the behaviors of so many genuinely concerned citizens as a sort of response to a systemic threat infringing on basic abilities to survival which is (interestingly enough) assisting so many more to thrive in these Jade Helm 15 conditions. So as more information about Jade Helm 15 or any other related moving piece emerges (especially from the work of citizen reporters) I will continue to cover and share what I observe.

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  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s (Thrive Documentary – Official Upload)



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