An Insane President Will Launch Nuclear War in August; What Democrats Must Do to Prevent It

LaRouche Irish Brigade

Barack Obama intends to use this August through early September period, with Congress out of session, to launch a nuclear attack on Russia which will immediately become an annihilating nuclear war. He is moving right now, not only to take advantage of the absence of Congressional scrutiny, but also in a period of ongoing personnel shifts in the Pentagon, which mean that the top brass who would otherwise call a halt, are not in a position to stop him.

Obama has shut down all the regular civilian government channels of consultation with Russia which could otherwise avert war. Only the military-to-military channels remain. But he is using Pentagon personnel-changes to make them inoperative as well, as he prepares to launch war.

This war is not about Ukraine; Ukraine is only a pretext. Why did Obama’s top official, ex-Cheney advisor Victoria Nuland, brag about spending $5 billion replacing Ukraine governments?…

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