Documentary On Planning Of US Vs Russia World War 3 In US Pentagon | Secret Revealed

Published on 1 Jun 2016

This video shows some secrets revealed from the america pentagon .US is planning for world war 3 against russia and china . World war 3 is not so far and all countries are preparing for it and countries like america , china , russia , india and israel like countries are giving their best in it . America is preparing a war against russia and china simultaneously giving no time to its opponents . It is estimated that country that will attack first will win the world war 3 and america will be certainly the winner . World war 3 may happen between usa and russia or may be america and china but america will be the winner of world war 3 as it has prepared a lot for it and still preparing for it to its best . usa is planning a secret attack on russia and china before they can think . America will destroy russia and china in minutes if this mission of usa pentagon will be successful .


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