No More Hiroshima & Nagasaki! The Lost Generation

Uploaded on 20 Apr 2007

Kids for the Future –

10 Feet Project is a Non-Profit Organization began in 1980.

The intention of this organization is to raise funds through donations from citizens of Hiroshima to purchase film footage shot by US government in Hiroshima a the time of nuclear bomb then produce films utilizing these footages, show these films all over the world to let people understand the cruelty of war.

The cost of purchasing these films from U.S. Library of Congress was 10 feet per 3,000 yen therefore, the organization urged citizens to donate 3000 yen each so each person can purchase 10 feet of film.

In 1982, 10 Feet Project completed purchasing all films shot in Hiroshima by U.S. government and begun producing documentary films utilizing these footages.

Since then 10 Feet Project has produced three award winning documentary films and held the screening all over Japan.

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