Project Odysseus – The Covert American Space Program – Feet to the Fire with guest Douglas Dietrich

Published on Oct 21, 2012

Project Odysseus: The Covert American Spatial Warfare Program

Feet to the Fire Radio with host, James Arthur Jancik for Sept 2nd, 2012 with DOD whistle-blower guest, Douglas Duane Dietrich

In an unprecedented 6th marathon live interview on F2F, Douglas returns to speak on the Covert American Space program that he discovered reading reams of classified documents slated for destruction while he worked at the Presido Naval Base in his capacity as librarian. 

In reading, collating and arranging for the erasure of these documents, Douglas has put together from his notes, photographs (he took with “spy” film cameras) and keeping some the actual material itself, a paradigm-busting, reality that is rocking the Free World to the corrupt, inept, cold-blooded evil that is running the American Government. 

The “silver lining” in this Dark Cloud he exposes is they they are far from the omnipotent, technologically advanced, superior genetic bloodline, elite they would have you believe. But are mortally bankrupt degenerates, decaying before our eyes; if we could only see though the facade.

Douglas helps us see with an amazing amount of information- much of which is hidden in plain sight – that, when allowed to form it’s view of reality and then tested/overlaid over our world view, exposes this deep dark secret hidden by fictional cover stories from “Aliens at Roswell” to victory at WWII which is perpetuated, often unbeknownst by the participants, by the very alternative, informational, truth-seeking shows themselves.

In this show, Douglas reveals the real secret space program of the American Government from WWII thru the 80’s which do NOT include secret advances, space warps and star gates, but is literally nothing more than throwing rocks at Russian spacecraft and hand to hand combat in the vacuum of space.

The real challenge is for many of us who hold a near superhuman view of the “Powers That Be” to listen to Douglas’ rich download of information and test it against reality and not our paradigms; which have been built up though propaganda over the years.

The audio archives of the other Mind Blowing Douglas Dietrich interviews can be found free and unedited at

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I will approve all civil, rational comments pro or con. I have no control over the over-laid adds shown in this presentation.

-James Arthur Jancik

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