Sun Myung Moon Continues Hitler’s Mission



Hitler believed that the Jews had created Communism (Bolschewismus) in order to conquer the whole world into their dominion through this ideology. Therefore all the Jews and Communists had to be liquidated (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Zwei Bände in einem Buch, Ungekürzte Ausgabe, Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Frz. Eher Nachf., G.m.b.H., 618./619. Auflage, München, 1941, pp. 234, 343, 350-351, 420, 498, 703-705, 751-752).

Sun Myung Moon took upon himself Hitler’s mission and began his Anti-Communistic battle. He cooperated with former fascists and Nazis all over the world. In Latin America the World Anti-Communistic League (WACL) and CAUSA of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon became involved in Death Squad operations. In Latin America many of the Death Squad networks became synonymous with Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. For example in Argentina, Buenos Aires, the various Death Squad cadres constituted the main Argentine branch of WACL. These kinds of connections between the Death Squads and the Unification Church were repeated throughout Central and South America. Moon and the Death Squads were responsible – along with Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie – in helping to establish a Nazi-style state in Bolivia in 1980.

Klaus Barbie reportedly collaborated with representatives of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church as they worked with Bolivia’s Cocaine Coup regime to organize Anti-Communist operations in South America. By then, the region had become a center for Moon’s global money-laundering operations.

As the drug lords consolidated their power in Bolivia, the Moon organization expanded its presence, too. In early 1981, war criminal Barbie and Moon leader Thomas Ward were seen together in apparent prayer. One of the well-wishers arriving in La Paz to congratulate the new Bolivian government was Moon’s top lieutenant (and former KCIA officer) Bo Hi Pak. The Moon organization published a photo of Pak meeting with the new strongman, General Garcia Meza. After the visit to the mountainous capital, Pak declared, “I have erected a throne for Father Moon in the world’s highest city.” According to later Bolivian government and newspaper reports, a Moon representative invested 4 million dollars in preparations for the coup.

The Right’s growing dominance of Washington opinion circles can be viewed as a continuum dating back to those days right after World War II, when U.S. priorities switched quickly from prosecuting Axis war criminals to seeking their help in crushing leftist political influence in Western Europe and Asia. Suddenly, U.S. intelligence agencies were freeing Nazi and Japanese war criminals from prison and exploiting their talents to neutralize labor unions, student groups and other left-wing organizations.

Also in Japan war criminals such as right-wing yakuza gangsters Yoshio Kodama and Ryoichi Sasakawa were freed from prison and allowed to become important political figures in Japan – and later internationally by supporting a global crusade against Communism. In the 1960s, Kodama and Sasakawa joined with Rev. Moon and two right-wing dictators, Taiwan’s Chiang Kai-shek and South Korea’s Park Chung Hee, to create the World Anti-Communistic League (WACL), which also brought in right-wing leaders from Latin America and Europe, including ex-Nazis and neo-Nazis.

For years, Moon had been sinking down roots in South America, especially in Uruguay after right-wing military dictators seized power there in 1973. Moon also cultivated close ties with rightist dictators in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, reportedly ingratiating himself with the military juntas by helping the regimes buy weapons and by channelling money to allied right-wing organizations. Moon’s organization developed also close ties with the Honduran military and the Nicaraguan Contra movement, which were permiated with drug smugglers and human right violators. CIA and the Unification Church members cooperated in Sandinista war. In the Central American hinterlands it was sometimes difficult to distinguish CIA operatives from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s disciples. The Messiah had a solid presence in the region.

Read more:
Robert Parry, Hitler’s Shadow Reaches toward Today

Sun Myung Moon followed the principle: the ends justify the means. Nothing was forbidden when he wanted to achieve his goals. In the course of his mission Sun Myung Moon became a common criminal and a war criminal. He should have been tried at The International Criminal Court in The Hague for his war crimes.

Kirsti Nevalainen

“How Well Do You Know Your Moon” began to inform the world, as well as members of the Unification Church, of the history, rituals, and activities of the so-called “Movement”. HWDYKYM is firmly opposed to the UC because of its manipulation and deception, as well as the hypocrisy of the now-deceased Rev. Moon and others in administrative-ecclesiastical power.

Why do we stand against the Unification Church?


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  1. Bron:

    The Unification Church, founded by
    Rev. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012)


    The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was organized in South Korea by Rev. Sun Myung Moon [“One who has clarified the Truth”]. Some sources say the organization started in Pusan; others in Seoul. Its followers are often called Moonies by persons outside of the Association. However, this term is considered derogatory by its members, who refer to themselves as Unificationists.

    Rev. Moon was born in what is now North Korea in 1920 and was raised in the Presbyterian Church, a mainline Protestant denomination. He is a Professional Engineer by training. When he was 16 years old, at Easter time, he believes that Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision, charging him with the responsibility of completing the work in the world that Jesus had started.

    During his adult life he has had trouble with legal authorities, having been arrested for practicing capitalism (a crime in North Korea), charged (but not convicted) in South Korea of other activities, and convicted of tax evasion in the United States. During 1948, the Presbyterian Church of Korea felt that his views were incompatible with their beliefs. He was excommunicated.

    In 1957, Rev. Moon published Divine Principle which is a collection of his beliefs, as written by a member of the Church. Two years later, Young Oon Kim moved to North America as a Unification missionary to establish a church presence there.

    Many of the members in the US expected that some type of apocalyptic event would occur in 1967. When nothing significant occurred that year, some members became disillusioned and left the organization. In 1972, Rev. Moon moved to the United States and started a major recruitment drive. A decade later, he performed the first of many mass wedding ceremonies during which more than 2,000 couples were married. In 1984, he was convicted of tax evasion in the US and sent to prison for 13 months.

    On 1994-MAY, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity celebrated their 40th anniversary in Seoul, Korea. It was a type of watershed time for the movement. Reverend Moon announced the merger of all of his religious, political, cultural and business organizations, — including the CAUSA, Free Press International, International Cultural Foundation, International Religious Foundation, Korean Folk Ballet, Washington Times — into a new group: the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

    Reverend Moon initiated a National Messiahship program in 1995. This involved the selection of four families to lead the movement in each country. One family was from Korea, one from Japan, one from America, France, or Great Britain, and one from Austria, Germany or Italy.

    On 1999-FEB-6, the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace was formed. Its mission is:

    “… to implement a system through which the highest expressions of religious wisdom are brought to the table at which the world’s most serious and urgent problems are being addressed … by creating a council of religious leaders within the framework of the United Nations.”

    Since the fall of Communism in Europe and Russia, the Unification Church has been actively proselytizing throughout that region. They established a presence in over 150 countries, with concentrations in South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Extensive missionary effort is currently underway in South America.

    Reverend Moon proposed the creation of the World University Foundation to include the University of Bridgeport in the U.S. and the Sun Moon University in South Korea. A Unificationist temple was built at Chung Pyung Workshop Centre in South Korea. It is capable of holding 10,000 people.

    Total membership is difficult to estimate, but is probably many hundreds of thousands world wide. Both the Church and its opponents have issued inflated numbers. It is probable that there are on the order of 5,000 dedicated members in the US, and a much larger number of persons affiliated in some way with the church. Church membership currently appears to be in decline in North America.

    Rev. Moon was the ultimate authority within the Church. The administration of the various Unification organizations is handled by a board of elders.

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    While many of the beliefs of the Unification Church are identical to those of other conservative Protestant Christian groups, there are some major differences:
    bullet They view God as a single being with “perfect intellect, emotion and will”. They reject the traditional Christian concept of the Trinity. God contains within himself positive (male) and negative (female) aspects, which are in perfect harmony with each other.

    bullet The Holy Spirit is the feminine counterpart to God. She is not viewed as a person, but is a form of energy that is derived from God.

    bullet Before Adam and Eve’s were married in Eden, Eve had an affair with the Archangel Lucifer. This caused the spiritual fall of mankind. She later engaged in an pre-marital sexual relationship with Adam. This caused the physical fall of mankind. Together, these illicit sexuality caused them to form an imperfect family. Their sin led to Satan taking control of the world.

    bullet The church links Communism (the expression of Satan) with Cain, and Democracy (the expression of God) with Abel.

    bullet Jesus Christ is viewed as a unique human being who was born without original sin. After his crucifixion, he was spiritually resurrected. His body was taken by angels to an unknown location.

    bullet God’s original intent was for Jesus Christ to form a perfect marriage in order to redeem humanity, and undo the harm perpetrated by Adam and Eve. Since Jesus was executed before accomplishing his mission, it will be up to a third Adam in the present day to form this perfect marriage and complete Jesus’ task.

    bullet By his spiritual resurrection, Jesus has made possible spiritual salvation for persons who accept him as savior and believe in his message. They will, after death, live with Jesus in Paradise. However, because Jesus did not complete his original task, physical salvation is not possible for a person on earth during their lifetime. Complete salvation (spiritual and physical) awaits the arrival of the third Adam and his subsequent perfect marriage.

    bullet St. Paul is viewed as the originator of Christianity. Through his expertise, he is viewed as having converted the teachings of Jesus concerning the kingdom of God into a formal religion about Jesus.

    bullet Hell exists on earth. Over time, Hell will be transformed into the kingdom of heaven on earth. Hell exists in the spiritual world as well, as an extension of life for those of us who live in hell on earth.

    bullet One of the main purposes of the Unification Church is to unite all of the fragments of Christianity into a single body.

    bullet They believe that the third Adam was born in Korea between 1917 and 1930. (The first Adam was the individual described in Genesis; the second Adam is Jesus). The third Adam will be recognized as second coming of Christ, the perfect man. He will marry the perfect woman, and will become the “true spiritual parents of humankind”. Many members of the Unification Church regard Rev. Moon and his second (and current) wife Hak Ja Han as these parents.

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    Church practices:
    bullet The Unification Church is a profoundly family-centered Church. Members are expected to remain celibate during their youth. They are to subsequently marry, have children, and create an ideal family which contributes to world peace.

    bullet The Blessing or mass wedding ceremony is the most remarkable Unification ritual. Rev. Moon matches up each couple a month (or less) in advance, selecting from among the Church membership. Sometimes, they first meet on the day of their wedding. The bride and groom are expected to marry, but can decide to opt out without disgrace. A Holy Wine Ceremony is conducted before the marriage; this purifies the couple so that they are able to have children free of Fallen Nature (resulting from original sin inherited from Adam and Eve). A special Three Day Ceremony is performed by the married couple for some weeks after their wedding, before they engage in sexual activity.

    bullet A Pledge Service is celebrated at 5 AM each Sunday, and on the first day of each month and on January 1.

    bullet They celebrate four major seasonal days of celebration:
    bullet True God’s Day,

    bullet True Parents’ Day,

    bullet True Day of All Things.

    bullet Chil II Jeol: Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing

    bullet True Children’s Day

    bullet Foundation Day for the nation of the Unified World

    Dates are variable, and are set according to a lunar calendar. 1

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    This topic continues in the next essay

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    References used:

    The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

    Kathryn Coman, “Unificationist Calendar,” at:
    T. Miller, “America’s Alternative Religions”, SUNY Press, Albany NY, (1995), P. 223-229
    G.A. Mather & L.A. Nichols, “Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult”, Zondervan Publishing, Grand Rapids MI, (1993), P. 281-286
    J.G.Melton, Ed., “The Encyclopedia of American Religions, V. II”, Triumph Books, Tarrytown NY, (1991), P. 320-322. “Divine Principle”, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, New York NY, (1973)

    Copyright © 1996 to 2016, by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
    Latest update: 2016-OCT-05
    Author: B.A. Robinson

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